Monday, 22 June 2015

The Parish Walk can be a young person's sport

In the early 60s the majority of walkers in the Parish Walk were in their early 20s.

There is now a revival with plenty of people under 30 completing the course. Liam Parker was the first under 30 to finish and at the age of 24 already has three sub 18 hour performances.

24 year old Liam Parker finishing in the early hours of Sunday morning

I don't have all the dates of birth for the walkers in the 60s but here is my list to date of performances by under 30 year olds.

Graham Young15:43:121971125
David Mapp16:09:342013527
Murray Lambden16:19:371978121
Phil Marshall16:32:312012528
Liam Parker16:34:442015824
Ian Hodgkinson17:11:251969121
David Mapp17:23:4220121126
Liam Parker17:33:3520141323
Samantha Draper17:37:3120121426
Adam Killip17:41:2220151726
John Cannell17:42:361967221
Stan Sille17:45:351970223
Gordon Vale17:55:101990128
Liam Parker17:58:3520132222
Tommy Kelly17:59:541983221

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