Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How many Chinese have finished the Manx Telecom Parish Walk?

Wang Xin Christian was born in Chengdu, China and came to Isle of Man as a student in 1997 and say that she has never left "this beautiful island" since.

"The first time I came across the Parish Walk was in 2006, took some photos, and wrote a Chinese blog about it. But not until 2011 did I compete myself and gain firsthand experience, since then haven't stopped. The way the Parish Walk is, the very supportive locals, the beautiful island and the atmosphere etc. all make the Isle of Man Parish Walk so unique so addictive. I guess that is why I ended up on the Promenade this year."

Xin would like to know if anyone else born in China has completed the course. (Photo by Karen Kneale)

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