Friday, 4 July 2014

Trying to help with photo ordering problem

Murray Lambden
Subject: / murraylambden / Problem Report
JUL 04, 2014  |  02:15PM PDT

Hi Murray,
Happy to help and this could be a web browser issue. Do you know what web browser and version they are using?

You can share this troubleshooting info with them.

In case it’s an issue with that specific browser, do you have access to another browser (Safari, FireFox or Chrome)? What happens when you try it in a different browser?

Tell them they can upgrade to Firefox 30 or the current version of Chrome on their Desktop
Firefox can be downloaded from
Chrome can be downloaded from

You may want to try clearing your browser’s cache/temporary internet files. Then close and re-open the browser and try again as this may resolve the problem. Here’s how to clear the cache and disable add-on’s:

Lastly, do they have client accounts associated with your account and are they logged in when they order? Or are they ordering as a guest?

If you are still experiencing the problem, please let us know.
Best Wishes,

Shanna | Zenfolio Customer Support
Original message
Murray wrote:

JUL 04, 2014  |  01:45PM PDT

User Name: murraylambden
Type: Problem Report

Over the past couple of weeks a number of people have reported that they have
selected photos, added to their cart but that their selection have disappeared
from the cart and they are not able to make a purchase.

The photos are mainly from the following collection:

where I have the default settings for ordering.

I look forward to receiving your assistance.