Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Here is a statistic - we have extra photograghers

The blog has been quiet in recent weeks. I think I nailed the pre-race statistics earlier than normal.

I have continued to post directly to the Facebook page but I have been distracted by the plans to move the horse trams among the dog walkers, runners, bikes, scooters and everything else that enjoys the safety and space that is Douglas promenade walkway. The Manx Telecom Parish Walk is only once a year but this ill advised promenade scheme is for ever and so I launched Keep Cars and Horse Trams off the Walkway with David Griffin and Tim Knott..

Naturally the exception is during the hours of darkness on Saturday night for the finish of the Manx Telecom Parish Walk!

So who has taken the most photos at the Parish Walk? I suspect it might be Mike Lambden as his involvement over the past decade has coincided with the expansion of digital cameras. He was been the main photographer for the website and was slated for the start, Marown, Santon and Peel on Saturday - about 10 hours on his feet.

But last night Mike was in hospital in Worcestershire suffering from Atrial Fibrillation. His daughter Emma is making her debut in the walk this year, hoping to make it to Rushen, and her husband David Payne is hoping to improve his PB which is Jurby. Mike insists he is fit enough to travel although David will drive when they set off at 6.45 am tomorrow.

Mike Lambden on the Sloc in 2010

Stan Hall a little further up the road in 2003

I had arranged some cover and so I am pleased to say that well known athletics photographer Stan Hall is going to relieve Mike of Marown and Mike will sit to take photos at Santon and Peel. I'm working on extra cover at Peel too.

Tomorrow evening Paul Jackson and I will be testing the new Facebook photo facility so if you have registered we'll be asking you to pin your number on for a photo. See you there.

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