Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I wrote this last night but I must have been too tired to press the "publish" button!

Although I planned a good part of the coverage for over the weeks before the event, I have spent 80% of my waking hours over the past five days, and there have been plenty of them, working on the website. Yet I am nowhere near the finish line yet. I won't reach it unless I rest now.

My work and family will regain priority tomorrow (now today) and so most of the statistics will have to wait. Apart from the Manx Telecom Parish Walk, I have been covering a wide range of events for my other website , and there are a whole number coming up too. This event doesn't sit in isolation.

I have all sorts of messages and emails and, in particular those asking for even more statistical information than I am already preparing, get the lowest priority. I am afraid I can't deal with individual questions about photos - that is why I subscribed to Incidentally, on the day before the Parish Walk  I was advised that that subscription would be rising by 40%. I can't resist that one but such a big hike was well timed!

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