Monday, 22 February 2016

Latest entries in Manx Telecom Parish Walk

Kate Mc Dade (1261) finishing with Claire Duggan in 2014

Alanya Coop - NEW
Mark Dickinson - NEW
Rachel Dickinson - ID no =7588;  Debut - 2010
Liam Dixon - NEW
Claire Hardman - NEW
Alastair Kneale - ID no =10106;  Debut - 2014
Kevin Martin - ID no =4753;  Debut - 2003
Kate Mc Dade - ID no = 9965; 1 finish in time of 23:49:55 in 2014
Claire Parsons - ID no =2181;  Debut - 2011
Daniel Phair - NEW
Sam Radcliffe - NEW
Lisa Tummon - NEW
Jane Marie Webster - NEW

A bit of hassle tonight. Whilst searching for the photo I found a problem with the finishers in 2014 appears in my database with different ID numbers in the finishers list from those in the main database. Think its fixed now but if you ever spot any bugs please let me know at I'd rather find the problems now than after the event this year!

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