Friday, 9 May 2014

More than 200 previous finishers

I have tonight been trying to reconcile the information provided by the entrant in terms of number of finishes and best times and those that I have calculated.

On the first version I have 15 people as finishers who are not claiming to be. That is possibly due to modesty, laziness or their behalf or because they haven't finished the course but they share their name with somebody who has.

I also have 6 people that claim to have finished who don't show up in my calculations. This will be because they have entered in a different name, they haven't understood the question about finishing (all previous starters finished somewhere) and they are trying to blag into my blog!

A few are claiming extra finishes and one recorded his best time as 2012 ignoring the fact that he went half an hour faster last year.

Generally people fall into two categories. Those that enter their details exactly and those that give them from memory. Most of the latter are around two or three minutes faster than their actual time.

David Cretney has shown his best time to be a whole second faster than the official result!

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