Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Late night fog on blog

I put myself under pressure to analyse the results soon after entries closed on Sunday with the consequence that, when so many came in at the very last moment, that I sorted one of my spreadsheets incorrectly and ended up with formulas instead of values.

I have been looking through the haystack to find the needle and I think the following have been duplicated on my analysis on www.manathletics.com

Alison Downs
Angela Bray
David Wildman
Callum Momurdo
Jay Moore
John Cowell
Malcolm McKelly
Moira Hall
Nicola Jagus
Paul Telford
Samantha Spellman
Sue Jewell
Vicki Hewison

And the following are missing. 

Brian Aram
Damian Ciappelli
Des Kinsella
Alcivane McGregor
Aleksandra Rogalewska
Graham Kocjan
James Moore
Jim Caley
Liz Moore
Mary Aram
Nikkita Grove
Pippa Edmonds
Sindy Spack
It will late tonight before I get back to this.

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