Friday, 25 November 2016

The Parish Walk Programme Collection

I'm delighted to re-publish my Parish Walk programme collection in a new (hopefully) more user friendly format. Its all part of the publishing prior to the opening of entries for the 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk on 1 December.

Starting as my personal family collection I plugged some of the gaps (and obtained duplicates) from other sources. I am not sure if I can remember all the people who helped but Ron Ronan, Stan Sille and the family of the late Ian Turnbull come to mind.

They have all been available on the site for 5 or 6 years when after scanning I donated my collection and all other Parish Walk paper records to the Manx Museum. I don't have a single sheet of paper relating to the Manx Telecom Parish Walk.

I'm missing 1960, 1967, 1973, 1988 and 1994 if anyone has a copy.

Special thanks to the compilers over the years especially Karen Kneale who has produced more than anyone with greater content than in earlier years. The late Arthur Jones simple double sided foolscap programmes are special to me and the late Kevin Madigan in 1979 set a standard that stood for many years. His list of finishers formed the basis of my first list of finishers.

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