Sunday, 27 November 2016

The big lists have been updated again

I've got 24,751 Parish Walk performances in my database I have been building for about 35 years (I always forget the exact year in the early 80s I first did it).

Its the basis of my analysis of results and for the past three years I have produced a finishers report within 15 minutes of the end of the Manx Telecom Parish Walk listing the number of first time finishers, those setting personal best times etc.

But to so I continue to need your help.

You can find the resports in the new documents folder at:

Or you can like to the two files directly:

All performances by name:

All performances by ID number:

The latest version has three corrections to the one published a few days after the 2016 event:
1. Terry Moore is now credited with reaching German (not Rushen) in 1996!
2. The two John Quayles, who clocked up four walks to Rushen in 7 years, now have two each rather than the three and one that I credited to them!
3. I think I have the two Andy Corries in the correct 2:1 ratio but I might still be wrong!

I'm particularly keen to hear from anyone to whom I have allocated two ID numbers to (the same person changing, or entering with a different version of their name), or if I have incorrectly assumed that two people with the same name are one and the same.

Please email

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