Sunday, 5 July 2015

20 x 10

There was a time when Steve Gardner was mentioned in the preview for every Parish Walk. For he was the man who had completed more laps the course than anyone? How could you do 10 laps.

Well now there are 20 people who have reached that mark - Jock Waddington, Maureen Moffatt, Gordon Corran & Stella Corlett did so this year.

Stella Corlett was a stalwart of Boundary Harriers before they merged with Manx AC to form Manx Harriers in 1991, but only as a badminton player, fundraiser, supporter of husband Roy in the Parish Walk. I've known Stella for around 35 years and for the majority I never thought she would complete the lap once. "Its all your fault Murray" she said as she approached the finish for the 10th time - I can't remember why I get the blame but I'm used to it! (Photo Karen Kneale)

There are a few more with 9 finishes but of course Steve Gardner will always be the first to do it even if we thought he would be the last as well!

Here is the list:

Finishes Name
31 David Collister
22 Ray Hughes
22 Anthony Kneale
20 Dermot O'Toole
17 Mick Holgate
15 Julian Thomas
14 Robbie Callister
14 Andrew Titley
13 Chris Cale
12 Irene Taggart
11 Sue Biggart
10 Jock Waddington
10 Rosemarie Crellin
10 Simon Cox
10 Maureen Moffatt
10 Gordon Corran
10 Marie Gilbertson
10 Anthony Atkinson
10 Steve Gardner
10 Stella Corlett

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