Monday, 18 January 2016

Statistics update

The investigation and subsequent disqualification of one of the entrants last year caused a lot of work and stress to a good many people and delayed the finalisation of the statistics.

Although I reduced the number of finishers from 175 to 174 I left the original finishing position against the finishers from 25th and below in my lists of finishers. It was only recently that I found this out. Tonight I have corrected the underlying data but will not be republishing the lists until after the event this year (unless there are also other errors).

Faye-Marie Woolnough who finished 140th in 2015 and was one of 149 finishers who were listed one finishing place too low in all of the published lists of all time finishers 

Last year's website is still available via the archives page at

The link to the post race statistics was broken but I have reinstated it at

I have just run a report to check for broken links are there are a frightening number. They hardly justify the time but I may spend it this week just to improve the overall efficiency of the site although I am not promising.

One of my long term objectives is expand the data to include more performances in different age groups and to analyse performances by age. I am slowly adding dates of birth and then the ages on the day can be calculated from the day of the race (the date of birth won't be published).

The people with performances below 18 hours for who I don't have dates of birth are:

Alison Brand
Arie Boertjes
Catherine Lowey
Cyril Evans
Dave Cain
David Cain
David Doyle
Derek John Atkinson
Dudley Seddon
Frans Leijtens
Geoff Dowling
Henry Harvey
Ian Turnbull
Jane Kennaugh
Jane Mooney
Jean-Pierre Vernier
Joe Brown
John Dowling
Karen Marie Brogger
Kevin Marshall
Lee Cain
Leece Kneale
Martijn Biesmans
Rosemarie Crellin
Roy Corlett
Stan Cleator
Stephen Harvey
Susan Moore
Thomas Melvin
Willie Corkill
Willie Kneale

If you could email or message Murray Lambden on Facebook with any of the above that would help. Thanks

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