Thursday, 26 March 2015

Analysis blues

When I analysed the entries earlier this evening my calculations produced too many additions for the increase since the last one. I've had to go under the bonnet and compare line by line.

Firstly,.there are two people with the name Nicola Howard. For now I have assumed the same person has entered twice.

Secondly, Dave Curry has changed to David Curry. I have changed his previous entries to the same.

Thirdly, Phillipa Bridge has changed to Pippa Bridge  I have changed her previous entries to the same..

Fourthly, all of this list I published recently had been listed before (some cutting and pasting errors by me:

Alcivane McGregor
Alyson Egan
Anne Dooley
Charlotte Barlow
Christine Fair
David Dodson
Doug Underwood
Gemma Williams
Jillian Wild
Margaret Moore
Michele Davenport
Michelle Meakin
Mike Crompton
Nikki Kelly
Ralph Peake
Richard Wild
Ruth Richardson
Susan Clark

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